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Tuition + Fees



Quarterly Tuition

   Full Time Students
12 to 18 Units
Quarterly Rate
 Greater Than
18 Units
Per Unit Rate
 Less Than
12 Units
Per Unit Rate
   Architecture  $8,700  $756  $756
   Construction Management  $6,960  $580  $580
   Architecture  $8,150  $708  $708
   Construction  Management  $8,150  $708  $708
   Digital Media Arts  $7,665  $687  $687
   Interior Design  $8,150  $708  $708











Students that matriculated on or before September 30, 2007 and who have been continuously enrolled (except for summer quarters) at NSAD may be eligible for a different rate. Applicable programs include: B Architecture, M Architecture, Digital Media Arts     

Fee Rates

 Student Operation Fee (Per Quarter; Non-Refundable)  
 (Includes Copy and Printing Fees, Studio, Lab, School Access and ID Card, Library & Career Services, Student Activity Fee)    $150.00
 Student Tuition Recovery Fund (STRF) (State of California Mandate)  $0.50 per $1000
 STRF rate is based on institutional charges (Tuition and Fees) for the entire program (one-time collection)  
 Health Insurance Fees  
   Health Insurance Premium¹  $1,675.00/year
 (Health insurance is required and may be waived with proof of comparable coverage)    
 ¹ Health Insurance Premium is subject to change  
 Additional Fees As Incurred  
   Application Fee (Non-Refundable)  $75.00
   Late Registration Fee  $250.00
   Fee to Add or Drop a course after the Add/Drop period  $50.00
   Administrative Fee for Tuition Refunds (up to 60% of coursework)  $100.00
   Late Payment Fee  $25.00
   Returned Check Fee  $35.00
   Transcript Fee  $10.00
   Graduation Fee  $250.00
The graduation fee covers the following:
  • Official transcript
  • Thesis processing
  • Commencement ceremony fees
  • Degree audit
  • Diploma printing
  • Thesis Exhibition
  • Administrative costs
  • Automatic lifetime membership in alumni association (job postings, alumni events)
   Course Challenge Fee  $500.00
   Overdue Library Book Fee  $0.25/day
   Student ID Replacement Fee (one replacement free)  $25.00




























NewSchool of Architecture + Design reserves the right to review and modify tuition and fees prior to each academic year and will attempt to give notification of changes prior to the beginning of classes  (non-refundable application fee excluded)    

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