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American Institute of Architecture Students

AIASThe American Institute of Architect Students (AIAS) is the voice of architecture students. AIAS is a nationally and internationally recognized organization that builds interest, enriches the educational experience of students, and operates for the betterment of the architectural education and profession.

AIAS works closely with architecture professionals at the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the architectural licensure board (NCARB), the accreditation board (NAAB), and the Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) to make an impact in the future of this profession.

The AIAS at NSAD has a mission of providing students with the right set of tools that will enhance their success in their architectural careers. We are dedicated to providing students with opportunities to gain valuable experiences through education, connections, exposure, leadership, and involvement in the community and the professional world.

Learn more about the benefits of AIAS membership.

NewSchool of Architecture and Design Student Council

The NewSchool of Architecture and Design Student Council represents the student body in NSADís local governance. Its goals are (1) to enhance the NSAD experience for all students; (2) to encourage open, constructive relationships among students, faculty, and staff; and (3) to support an active interaction between classes.

Together, members of the student council aim to achieve these goals by:

  • Serving as an advisory body to NSADís president, administration, faculty, and staff on issues of concern to students
  • Facilitating communication between the administration and the student body
  • Managing a Student Activity Fund (generated from a modest student activity fee) to provide activities that support the above goals. In the past, these have included field trips throughout the San Diego area and a Casino Night event.  

The student council consists of two representatives from each of the 8 studio classes, elected in the spring quarter:

  • The AIAS chapter president, as a non-voting ex officio member
  • The student councilís immediate past president, also as a non-voting ex officio member
  • Two faculty liaison/advisors, one undergraduate and one graduate faculty member.
  • First-year student representatives are elected in the week after convocation each fall quarter to serve terms extending through the spring quarter.

Students also have representation on the Landscape Architecture Student Council and the Construction Management Student Council.  For more information on either of these councils, please contact the Department Chair.

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