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First-Year Students at NewSchool of Architecture and Design


At NewSchool of Architecture and Design there is very little that is “common.” However, many of our students share similar first-year experiences when beginning the journey toward their first professional degree.

From the beginning, we make sure that you feel comfortable with your new life here at NSAD. Orientations and opportunities to familiarize yourself with the campus abound from your first few days and beyond. Settling in to your living space, getting to know your fellow students and roommates, and participating in other activities will begin to give you the feeling of comfort during your first few weeks here.

As far as coursework goes, most students will begin by fulfilling as many of the professional requirements as possible. For example, students pursuing a Bachelor of Architecture will fill their first year at NSAD with such courses as Graphic Representation, Architectural Studies and Contemporary Art. Completing these requirements opens the door to electives, which many students prefer to spend their final days at NSAD immersed in.

If you have specific questions regarding your first year here at NSAD, please do not hesitate to contact us or check out the FAQ page.

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