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Career Services


NSAD encourages students to experience the design community while in school. It is common for students to receive invitations from local practitioners to attend design reviews and exhibitions as well as benefit from networking opportunities through NSAD faculty and staff.

Services provided by NSAD Career Services

Career Counseling

  • One-on-one counseling sessions to conduct self-assessments, discuss your career goals, and more

Personalized Career Management Plans

  • Develop your own step-by-step plan for career development

Job Search Strategies

  • Networking techniques
  • Job-creation tactics
  • Proactive analysis of key markets
  • Follow-up approaches
  • Interviewing strategies and tactics

Career Services Events

  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Industry Day (NSADís Job Fair)
  • Career Services Strategy Sessions
  • Company Information Seminars

Job Postings and Job Matching

  • Email blasts
  • Bulletin boards
  • Social Media alerts
  • On-site interviewing
  • Individualized strategic positioning


  • Starter guides (One-page  overviews about resumes, profile statements, portfolios, cover letters, and thank you letters)
  • Intern development program overviews
  • Career resource manuals
  • Industry nonprofit brochures

Employers: Please take a moment to take the NewSchool of Architecture + Design Employer Survey.

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