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Campus Facilities


When you enter the campus at NewSchool of Architecture and Design, you see sustainability at work. Our main buildings are adaptive reuses of iconic landmarks:  the old ”Hang 10” site and the Wonder Bread factory. The urban and minimalist space of the 100,000-square-foot campus is networked for maximum efficiency in regard to technology. The marriage of these two elements gives a unique pulse to the campus.

Each architecture student has a designated studio space for their entire tenure at NSAD that is available to them 24/7. The campus has two print centers with the latest print technology available for students.

The Materials Lab is used by all students to create visual representations of their design ideas. 

Our newly designed MAC lab center gives students access to the latest graphic art and design software. Our IT department is staffed by IT specialists, as opposed to student workers, and they are available to assist students with any technical issues students may encounter.

The Wonder Bread building is the newest addition to the campus. Recently renovated, the building provides students with classroom space, studio space, and a computer lab and print center.

Urban, industrial, iconic:  The NSAD campus is unlike any other, where city meet designs in perfect rapport.  

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