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Campus Safety


Campus Safety

Welcome to the NewSchool of Architecture and Design department of Safety and Security.

The security department is always open, even during holiday breaks. The safety and security of all members of the NSAD community is the responsibility not only of this department, but of the entire campus as a whole. We can all take part, whether by increasing awareness of safe practices and our surroundings or by simple application of common sense.

It is the mission of the NSAD Department of Safety and Security to work diligently to provide a safe and secure environment in which to learn, work, and live while respecting the rights and dignity of each member of the university community. We will focus on continuous improvement in order to provide top-quality service in an ethical, courteous, and professional manner.
24-hour security patrol is provided by American Security.

NSAD students are automatically enrolled in an Emergency Notification System called Blackboard Connect. This system will allow you to receive timely notification should an emergency occur on campus. Standard charges for incoming calls and text messages apply (please check with your provider if you have questions concerning those charges).

Campus Escort
NSAD provides an escort on campus at any time. To request an escort, simply call a security guard:

  • Chris Hodges: 619-212-3277
  • Danny Morales: 619-638-9510
  • Leroy Bontrager: 858-380-8282

Important Numbers
For any critical emergency, dial 911.

To contact Campus Security 24 hours a day, call:

  • Chris Hodges: 619-212-3277
  • Danny Morales: 619-638-9510
  • Leroy Bontrager: 858-380-8282

For non-emergency calls to the San Diego police department, dial (619) 531-2000. When calling, please remember to include all pertinent information including name, location, time, purpose of the call, and contact number.

Crime Prevention
Any crime committed on NSAD premises should be promptly reported to Campus Security who may, in turn, report the crime to the appropriate municipal authorities.

In the event of a serious crime or incident on campus that poses a danger to students, crime watch notices may be posted around the campus and appropriate notices sent through electronic and other means. All members of our community are encouraged to review such information so that steps can be taken to minimize their exposure to risks.

The entire community can help keep campus crime to a minimum. For safety reasons, all street facing doors are kept locked. Do not prop open any locked door, do not allow others to follow you in to a locked building, and do not give your key to friends.

Report suspicious persons to Campus Security to ensure the safety of all members of the NSAD community.

Crime Statistics and Student Right To Know

To learn more about campus statistics and safety, please refer to the Student Handbook and the Annual Security Report.

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