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Student Council


Student Council is the representative voice for all NSAD students, and the leaders of Student Council work hard to make sure that the interest of students are heard. The council’s goals are to (1) enhance the NSAD experience for all students; (2) encourage open, constructive relationships among students, faculty, and staff; and (3) support an active interaction between classes.

Together, members of the Student Council aim to achieve these goals by:

• Serving as an advisory body to NSAD’s president, administration, faculty, and staff on issues of concern to students.
• Facilitating communication between the administration and the student body


President - Mike Venturella
Vice President - Jessica Harris
Secretary - Megan Dougherty
Treasurer - Andrew Schiffer

Class Representatives

2nd Year

Madison Parsons
Daniel Fagahn
Alternate: Moises Robles

3rd Year

Araceli Narvaez

4th Year

Charles Wilson
Christian Garcia

5th Year

Alfonso Barragan
Jared Barrios
Alternate: Fransesca d’Asiss Rovira

2nd Year Grad

Trang PT Nguyen
Nour Kassam
Alternate: David Hoppel

3rd Year Grad

Kate Goodson Hamby
Josh Larson
Alternate: Carsen Nachreiner

Construction Management

Chris Lerma

Digital Media Arts


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