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Master of Construction Management - Letter from Chair


Change remains the one constant in the construction industry of the 21st century—and the pace of change continues to accelerate. Our new Master of Construction Management degree will help you keep pace with the day to day changes and challenges that this burgeoning industry presents.

In just a few years, commercial and public construction managers have seen the complexity of their projects increase significantly. Building Information Modeling and other sophisticated technologies are greatly aiding progress—but only for those schooled in their use. And the push for sustainable building practices has reached an all-time high, with calls to further reduce waste and energy use growing louder by the day.

To succeed at the management level, you can’t merely keep pace with all the new developments—you have to stay well ahead of them. That’s the driving principle behind our Master of Construction Management degree program.

Our curriculum delves deep inside the challenges managers face in the field today. At NewSchool of Architecture and Design (NSAD), seasoned experts design and teach courses to help students grasp the proliferation of new standards for building and construction materials, worker safety, energy efficiency, environmental protection, and risk mitigation.

Best of all, we’ve designed our program so you can advance your career without interrupting it. Ours is one of the few Master of Construction Management programs offered entirely online—with a completion time of as little as just one year.*

Convenience is just one advantage of our all-online Master of Construction Management program. Using integrated media, instructors take you inside construction sites and projects, examining issues from every angle, making side-by-side project comparisons, and modeling varied scenarios. Your learning environment replicates today’s project environment. You can gain invaluable construction management experience leading virtual project teams with members from all corners of the globe participating through online classrooms and email.

On behalf of the faculty here, I encourage you to learn more about the Master of Construction Management degree designed to give you an edge in your career, and I hope you will be joining us soon. 


George L. Welch, AIA
Chair of Construction Management

* Please note that completion of the Master in Construction Management in one year is dependent upon individual progress within the program, including number of courses taken per quarter.

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