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Bachelor of Arts in Architecture


The Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree is designed for students interested in learning about design from a technical and aesthetic perspective in preparation for either a Master of Architecture program or the pursuit of another professional degree. With a wide range of different roles and aspects of the building process, the Bachelor of Arts in Architecture opens the doors to many academic options and prepares you for a variety of architecture and design-related career options.


Architecture Program Features

With curriculum focused on familiarizing you in the innovations, products, and forms of building, the Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree program equips you to meet the professional challenges of many emerging architectural endeavors. To help you decide which architecture degree program best complements your interests and goals, you will find additional information on the Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree below:

  • Program Course Sequence: Beginning with core curriculum and exposing you to design studio lessons, the sequence of your Bachelor of Arts in Architecture courses instills hands-on experience as well as an industry-specific skill set.
  • Program Overview: From credit requirements to learning outcomes, the Bachelor of Arts in Architecture program overview illustrates the important information you should know before pursuing your degree.
  • Department Chair Letter: Read a letter from Len Zegarski, Undergraduate Department Chair, and learn about the mission, values, and objectives of NewSchool Architecture and Design.
  • Program Data: Data about program costs, types of occupations, completion rates, and median loan debt of students who have graduated from this program.

Architectural Excellence in Southern California

Prepare for a graduate level architecture program by gaining knowledge, skills, and practical know-how from the Bachelor of Arts in Architecture program at NewSchool of Architecture and Design in San Diego, Calif.

Apply online today and schedule a visit to experience our campus and vibrant community for yourself.  

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