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Master of Architecture I


Through creatively translating concepts into physical wonders, architects continue to craft new ways for experiencing and using structures. By cultivating your skills at NewSchool of Architecture and Design (NSAD), you can join professionals around the world who are advancing this functional art. The Master of Architecture I degree program at NSAD gives you the skills to turn your interests into practice as well as the opportunity to pursue state architecture licensure.


Master of Architecture I Program Attributes

From sustainable design to professional development, the faculty at NSAD in San Diego, Calif., use practical instruction to help prepare you for your prospective career. Explore the possibilities within this graduate degree program through the following resources that detail NSAD's progressive, academic approach:

  • Program Course Sequence: From core classes to your final electives, NSAD's Master of Architecture I program instills you with foundational knowledge and then expands on the advanced principles of becoming a successful architect.
  • Program Overview: This summary expands on the philosophy and instruction you'll experience at NSAD, along with how that enrichment maximizes the benefits of this graduate program in architecture.
  • Department Chair Letter: Before experiencing the graduate architecture program at NSAD for yourself, hear from Graduate Department Chair Kurt Hunker about advancing toward your Master of Architecture I degree.
  • Program Data: Data about program costs, types of occupations, completion rates, and median loan debt of students who have graduated from this program.

Building upon the foundation of a bachelorís degree in architecture or similar credentials, this Master of Architecture degree is fully accredited by the National Architecture Accrediting Board (NAAB). Depending on your situation and your schedule, you may option for the two-year or three-year program.

Request Information today to begin the first phase to gaining licensure as an architect. By partnering with NewSchool of Architecture and Design in Southern California, you can immerse your talents in engaging curriculum that prepares you to succeed in today's competitive landscape.

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