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Transfer Students


Attracted to our prime location; faculty of active practitioners; and innovative, hands-on approach, many students transfer to NSAD from community colleges, career education institutions, and other universities.

You can easily join them—and begin your program during fall, winter, or summer quarters.

Undergraduate Transfer Student Admission Requirements:

  • Application Form and Fee. Complete an application and pay the required fee. Contact the school at 1-619-684-8888 for an application or click here for an online application form.
  • Transcripts. Applicants must have completed at least one quarter of full-time, post-secondary level education to be considered a transfer student. All official transcripts must be submitted of previously attended institutions. An official transcript is required in order for transfer credit from an accredited institution of higher learning. Applicants seeking admission based on equivalent education must submit official documentation or certification as well as a portfolio of design courses.
  • Grade Point Average. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required in all prior college work.
  • Portfolio. A portfolio review is required for all architecture students seeking advanced placement. Portfolios are a compilation of the student’s art and design work. Work must be reduced to 8.5”x11”. The portfolio will be reviewed by the Portfolio Committee, whose decision is final.
  • Statement of Purpose. Using essay format, please complete a 1-2 page personal statement addressing:
    a.  What are your career goals and how can NewSchool help you achieve them?

    b.  Why do you feel you would be a good candidate for the program?
    i.  How have your experiences shaped you academically, professionally, and personally?

    ii.  Give an example of how your experiences have prepared you for the core institutional values of NSAD.
(Note: The portfolio requirement does not apply to students in Construction Management programs.)
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