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More than 500 students currently attending NewSchool of Architecture and Design are on the path toward realizing their goals of becoming architects, designers, graphic designers and construction managers. Our students are focused yet creative, and artistic yet professional, as can be seen in their work. They are also competitive and continue to hone their skills by participating in various student competitions. Our graduating architecture students are celebrated with our yearly Thesis Exhibition. As they enter into the working community, our graduates carry with them the knowledge and confidence not only to succeed, but also to help shape the future of the built environment.

The typical NSAD student is anything but typical. 

NewSchool of Architecture and Design attracts students who thrive on challenge, are inspired by seeing projects come to life, and enjoy working in a team environment.  At NSAD, you will be more than a student: you will be part of a vibrant community, envisioning, designing, and building each project you are challenged with during the course of your program.

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