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Make NewSchool of Architecture and Design your academic destination

Whether you are an in-state, out-of-state, or international student, we invite you to learn more about NewSchool of Architecture and Design (NSAD), a rich and exciting place to unfold your artistic talent. NSADís four core professional disciplines of architecture, construction management, digital media arts, and design build on fundamental principles that seek to advance the cause of design through a balanced approach between art and science, theory and practice, and a curriculum that furthers the acquisition of knowledge through a contemporary hands-on philosophy. To learn is to have passion, be curious, and investigate DESIGN IDEAS that are waiting to become reality.

Located in the heart of cosmopolitan San Diego, California, minutes away from the historic Gaslamp Quarter, NSAD draws its unique cultural and intellectual strengths from the cityís urban history. The setting of NSAD allows you to live between an East Coast design tradition and the Pacific Rim, where some of the oldest traditions are being constantly reappraised and balanced by a contemporary outlook. You will also feel the direct impact of living next to Latin America to the south and the challenges of the urban metropolis of Los Angeles to the north.

NSAD offers a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum linked with exceptional global off-campus opportunities through the Laureate International Network of more than 75 accredited institutions. For more than 30 years, DESIGN EXCELLENCE has been associated with the institutionís unique approach to the education of a designer. While founded as an architectural school that expanded to include todayís program offerings, NSADís success at its core can be attributed to our students and faculty.

The schoolís curriculum reflects the facultyís belief in imparting strong DESIGN ETHICS that enable graduates to contribute to society in an informed and meaningful way. From their first year to their senior year, our students learn how to think creatively and professionally about their respective disciplines. This could include apprentice space making through drawing, diagramming, sketching, and makingóall of which are more traditional media of representation to create three-dimensional solutions. But NSAD will also cultivate a studentís ability in design thinking by coupling traditional methods of learning with digital and state-of-the-art computer generative methods and parametric investigations. This will all be supported by an increasingly robust array of digital fabrication tools such as CNC machines, laser cutters, and 3D printers. For others, early learning will emphasize thinking about construction, budgets, communication, and leadership skills. And yet, regardless of the chosen program, NSADís curricula are tailored to the specific needs of each of the disciplines, making a studentís tenure here a personalized university experience. Our graduates will not only be prepared to become whole-system thinkers, but also, and perhaps most importantly, will be able to address how to solve problems that do not yet exist.

At NSAD, we believe that full integration of all these complementary fields of DESIGN KNOWLEDGE is a staple for excellence and exceedingly meets the educational objectives the institution has been pursing since its inception. 

Generations of alumni, faculty and students have defined NSAD as a unique place to learn about design issues and enter their professions with confidence, authority, and passion. We would be honored to count you among our next graduates and invite you to visit and experience the schoolís unique energy. We are proud of what we have accomplished and look forward to having your inquisitive talent unfold among some of the most promising new leaders in the fields of design.


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